Aliya Smith here. All writings, drawings and paintings are my original pieces. Most photography is mine - otherwise, I give the photographer credit because it's of me. All I ask is that you respect my work as my work.
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Ten Facts.

I was tagged by kollisch to do this “ten facts about myself” thing, followed by tagging ten more people. Here you go:

1. I am an artist by passion as well as by trade. I use the term “artist” to spread across multiple fields: drawing, painting, photography, writing. I do admit to the tendencies of an artist as well, though (disorganization both in my external life and my mind). Being an artist by trade is difficult because, as Maddy said in her 10 facts, making art out of someone else’s want is a trying task—it asks you to partially give up your artistic vision in order to fill the needs of someone else. That’s why I have such a difficult time completing commissions. I just get sick of it not being entirely my piece. Portraits are easy because I love drawing people, but when someone comes to me with a specific vision they have but that they can’t personally execute the way the wish, I’m initially insanely flattered. As time goes on, however, it takes a toll on my creativity and my drive to work on my own time. (This mainly applies to drawings; photography is far easier to do for someone without much of my soul going to waste). Thus, my goal as an artist is to put into physicality the multiple series I’ve thought up and have them touch audiences to the point where they feel compelled to take them home with them.

2. Despite my insane disorganization, I’m a perfectionist when I do attack something—whether that something be a canvas or the carpet.

3. Related to perfectionism, I also have a certain (strange) OCD tendency: I have to act… symmetrically. When I eat (anything from a sour patch kid to an apple), I have to take every bite, split it in half - exactly - and put each half on one side of my mouth. Then I proceed to chew left, then swallow, then chew right and swallow. If I brush against something accidentally, I have to “make it even” by doing it at the exact same force in the exact same spot on the opposite side of my body. This has even applied to when I stub a toe or something. Luckily…

4. I’ve never broken a bone. -knock on wood-

5. I have a condition known as neurocardiogenic syncope.

6. I’m in the best relationship I’ve ever been in with a wonderful man, Tyler Chase. He’s the most empathetic, respectful, honest man I’ve ever known and he’s there for me 100% of the time. He, too, is an artist (more so stage, though) which is a trait I’ve never sought in a partner. I couldn’t possibly imagine being with anyone else, let alone someone who doesn’t have the mind of an honest artist.

7. I haven’t worn makeup (other than for Halloween or other costume events) in four years and it feels magnificent. Makeup, I always felt, made me think more critically about my appearance. It made me feel I was required to hide my face, which just felt terrible. So naturally, I had horrid self esteem when I did wear it. Once I stopped, though, I didn’t get the negative feedback I had expected. Instead, people were more observant of natural beauty and I felt actually beautiful, which hadn’t been the case for a long time. 

8. I love animals. Right now, I have a black Polish rabbit and a rough coat, tricolor guinea pig. I never feel quite complete without having an animal in my life and I often have a hard time turning animals away, which is why I no longer go to pet stores or shelters on a regular basis. My roommates and I do, however, have a porch cat, Shadow. She’s a beautiful long-haired black cat and she’s the sweetest, most cuddly thing in the world. All three of us are allergic, though, so we can’t bring her in or officially “keep” her. My immediate family has the best dog known to man and I miss him every day. His name is Vincent van Gogh and he’s a red dachshund. I could write about him and his loyalty/genuine kindness/perfection for days. He is honestly like no other dog we’ve ever had. He’s so intelligent and loving. Makes me cry just thinking about him.

9. My biggest personal (tangible) goal in life is to have a series hung in the MoMA and/or the Tate. I know that goal is huge and some have mocked me and wished me false luck with it, to which I say, “Screw off.” I have my life goal and I absolutely have the mind and the talent for it. I just need to work on my self discipline and my networking.

10. I want to have a night-time wedding beneath Aurora Borealis. (First, I’d like to just go see that beautiful wonder). 

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